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What is Healthy Hookah®

Healthy Hookah® is an edible flavor enhancer in the form of jam and liquid used for Hookah and E-Cigarette. It is absolutely tobacco and nicotine free product. It safely generates a top satisfaction through the vapor atmosphere, which gives the feel of ordinary Hookah. Healthy Hookah® is unique, its aromatic smell and pure flavor are generated without the tobacco combustion harmful effects.

Using healthy Hookah® will get you the purest flavor. Your joy will linger longer. Enjoying a healthy Hookah® flavors without posing any health risks to yourself or your family, and those around you. Our product is composed of natural ingredients.

Why choose Healthy Hookah®?

Evaporation process:
When you use healthy Hookah® product it evaporates and results in a real natural flavor and smell, unlike all kind of Tobaccos and Mu’assels which generate unpleasant aroma and troublesome flavor through its combustion.

Natural flavors:
Healthy Hookah® consists of natural flavors. It is classified as edible product. It is ready to be checked in all municipal laboratories and licensor’s in foodstuffs Labs. The product lasts steady in use for over two hour. Unlike the ordinary tobacco and Mu’assel, which lose their flavor after few minutes of the combustion and start to generate a taste of bitterness and burning.

Peak of joy:
Enjoying the same and more of the sensation of the ordinary Tobaccos or Mu’assels. Using Healthy Hookah® allows you to see large amount of vapor and delight yourself in the pleasure of real natural fruit flavors.
With the Healthy Hookah® you can now enjoy wonderful taste without any harmful additives such as tobacco, nicotine and their negative side effects.
This Healthy Hookah® is a unique and creative product gives you the full experience
of the Hookah in ideal way.

With Healthy Hookah® you safely and securely use Hookah, away from any smoking health risks consequences. It saves the user and his surroundings from the harmful effects of the tobacco and nicotine products. Because Healthy Hookah® is edible product, which is produced and stored to safely be used.

Replaces the need of nicotine:
Healthy Hookah® is designed to replace the need of nicotine. It is natural edible product generates a maximum satisfaction for the user, away from the harmful nicotine. When the user starts using the Healthy Hookah® he will quit the harmful nicotine gradually.

Environmentally friendly:
Due to its evaporation method, there is no harmful smoke would be released. Unlike the Tobacco and Mu’assel combustion which, releases very harmful smoke.
Healthy Hookah® can be used safely in enclosed places and in non-smoker areas. Also, the smell does not stick to the clothes, curtains and fabrics. Unlike Tobacco and Mu’assel Hookah, which produces a stinky smell.

For Cafe Owners:
The Healthy Hookah® product is super easy to be stored, it does not need big storage spaces. It does not need long time for preparation. The bottles are arranged in stand nicely practically and attractively. The healthy Hookah® is easy to mix, prepare and clean. It comes with well-organized packages, which guarantee quick inventory and statistics. No need to customize each flavor with its Hookahs in order not to mix the flavors. Our healthy Hookah® is non sticky and easy to clean, it guarantees clean Hookah after use.
No need to change quickly the coal. Unlike the Tobacco and Mu’assel Hookah which needs constant coal changing.
No need to blow air in the hose or the (bowl) head of the Hookah to remove the trace of the Tobacco or Mu’assel, which usually blocks the airflow. Our product does not leave trace.
No need for smoke aspirator fans. The idea is very simple, where you inhale only the vapor of the Healthy Hookah® bottles instead of the Tobacco or Mu’assel harmful smoke.


How It Works