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FREE : 2 OZ Bottle + tester +bowl

  • $ 11.00

this choice is perfect for the people who wants to experience the product before they buy bigger quantity .

please use this CODE: SZW8Q3VDY1PS when check out to get one set of the Samples worth around 20 $ for FREE , you need to pay only for the shipping unless you are collecting it from our warehouse in LA .

What's Included:

    • (1) (2 Oz ) Bottles of Healthy Hookah Jam
    • (1) Patented Healthy Hookah® Ceramic Bowl Head
    • (1) tester with different flavor than the above
    • + Best Way To Use It - FAQ

      Q: What kind of charcoal is recommended to use for the healthy hookah products?
      It’s recommended to use organic charcoal which does not contain chemicals that helps it burn faster. Fast burning charcoal affects the taste of the tobacco and it also produces an unwanted scent, which reduces the quality of the JAM. In addition to all of that, fast burning charcoal has some serious side effects on the respiratory system, which is due to the charcoal burning instead of the actual tobacco. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible of the results of using this type of charcoal since our product is completely natural and does not contain any harsh chemicals.

      Q: How many pieces of charcoal should be used?
      It’s recommended to use three large pieces of charcoal, and to make sure they are fully lit when they turn all red. After 10 minutes, it is better to move them to the edges of the head so that they don't continue to heat the JAM.

      Q: How long should I wait before I can start inhaling?
      It is recommended to wait between 2 to 4 minutes to start inhaling, depending on the brand of the charcoal and what flavor is being used.

      Q: What is the best way to get thicker denser cloud?
      By using three big pieces of charcoal and keeping them in the center of the head for 3 minutes.

      Q: What kind of hose is best to use?
      It is best to use a new hose, because a used hose will contain residue from the old tobacco and nicotine which is bad for your health.

      Q: Why do you call it healthy hookah?
      Because it contains natural ingredients which is classified as “food grade” . And most importantly, the charcoal does not directly touch the jam “molasses “. Unlike other hookahs that use regular tobacco which the charcoal is in a direct contact with the molasses and it is burning it which produces carbon dioxide along with the nicotine which have serious side effects on the respiratory system including cancer. Therefore, using the healthy hookah is the healthiest option in the market because the charcoal does not directly touch the jam ( molassess- mou ‘asel ) , it only heats up the surface causing the JAM to evaporate slowly instead of burning it.

      Q: Does smoking healthy hookah products make you feel light-headed or give you a buzz like regular tobacco-nicotine does?
      No, you don't because healthy hookah is nicotine free, and it's made out of all natural ingredients. Severe headaches will occur after 50 minutes of smoking regular nicotine tobacco, where you can smoke healthy hookah for four hours in a row without headaches.

      DISCLAIMER & TERMS We have named this product the “Healthy Hookah”, because it is designed to be a non-nicotine, non-tobacco alternative to traditional hookahs. However, we do not claim, nor do we make any warranty (express or implied), that using this product is healthy, or that any healthful effect will result from the use of this product. Should you experience any type of allergic reaction or physical discomfort after using this product, stop using it immediately and seek medical attention as required. Also, be careful not to touch the hot bowl of the product during use of the hookah, and for at least two hours following such use.

      These statements made have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease.